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“The work we received from The Ugly Tree Graphic Design was second-to-none and is responsible for a large part of the success we have had to date, and we owe them a huge debt.”


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shedload theatre Shedload Theatre was a small East Anglia-based company. We were contracted on a freelance basis with them for over a year, in which time we developed and managed their brand and three of their websites, as well as managing their social media, and designing all relevant materials and print collateral required for their shows. According to surveys conducted by the group, the striking poster design – so different to anything displayed in the same locations – was the principal pull when it came to the ways the public had heard about the shows. In short, the turnout (such as it was) was mainly down to the posters, designed by The Ugly Tree and illustrated by freelance illustrator Dan Jobey.
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