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The Ugly Tree Graphic Design's base rate for any job is between £30/h and £37/h.


This rate is changeable depending on the type of job taken on. For instance, a very short job may incur a higher hourly rate in order to cover costs, whereas a job that will take upwards of ten hours will have a lower hourly rate.


We do use fixed prices as well, though we do not advertise these as they are also very changeable depending on the job at hand. The rates we offer are some of the more reasonable available in the design industry. We provide this information for budgeting purposes and attach with it a request: when considering engaging design services, please make space in your budget for it. Consider the scope of your project and how long you realistically think it may take to complete and plan accordingly. We are happy to discuss your budget with you and to provide you with a quote, but please be realistic in your expectations of the cost of your project. The simple truth is that a brand does not cost £50, and if that is how much you are being charged you are not working with a professional.







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